Beetroot cooler soup

Since very early age this is one of my favourite soups.
Each time I make it, I add something new and always taste different ( if not better).
This beetroot cooler is perfect for hot summer days, rich in delicious seasonal vegetables and fragrant herbs and also healthy and light.

1 large bunch of beetroot with leaves
2-3 litters of chicken or vegetable stock ( use vegetable for vegan version)
3 tbsp of vinegar
400 ml greek yoghurt ( coconut milk for  vegan option)
3-5 cloves garlic
1 white onion
1 bunch of dill
1 bunch of parsley
Himalayan salt
black pepper
coconut oil ( or any other frying oil)
350g British gems potatoes
2 carrots

for chicken stock:

2-4 organic chicken legs
3 litres of filtered water
2 cloves of garlic
1 bunch of parsley 
2 large carrots- chopped
1 parsnip- chopped
cup of chopped celeriac
3 bay leaves 
black pepper

To prepare chicken stock / vegetable stock, put all ingredients in the big pot, add water and boil on the low-medium heat for about 90 min.

Make sure to thoroughly washed the leaves and the beetroots. Beets separated from the leaves, peel and grate in your food processor, cut the leaves and stems.  
Pour chicken/ vegetable stock into the pot, put on the stove and cook together with potatoes and carrots for about 10 minutes, add grated beetroot, vinegar and cook under  covered, until tender (another 20min).

Fry onions until gold and add them to the pot with cooking soup.

Squeeze some garlic and add to boiling beetroot together with salt and pepper. When the beets are soft, remove the pot from the stove  and allow to completely cool.

After the cooling time, add *sour cream chopped dill and parsley. Add as little or as much as you like.

Stir and enjoy cold!!

*you can also use greek yoghurt, buttermilk, coconut cream or coconut milk

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