Indigo Nutrition Organic chocolate mix review + recipe

Today I am bringing you chocolate to kill that Monday blues. 

As you might remember I made chocolates so many times and so many different varieties that when Indigo Nutrition asked me if I want to try their products I was very excited.

A raw chocolate starter kit is very good for all of you who wants to learn how to make that perfect batch of chocolates.

The kit comes with comes with a recipe, cacao powder, cacao butter, agave syrup, vanilla powder all raw and organic. products A 300g pack costs £12.99 and 750g £23.99. You just have to follow the instruction and voila, your chocolate will be ready in no time. 

Here you will find the method how to make the chocolate.

The consistency of the mix is a little bit to thick for my liking if you want to make small pralines but works great as chocolate slab. 

I would suggest to use only 1/2 agave syrup if you are not the biggest fan of very sweet chocolate.

In overall, this product is great for everyone who wants to start with making their own healthy chocolates.

You can add toppings of your choice ( like I did) and enjoy it.

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