Home made yoghurt+ Von Shef yoghurt maker review

Food producers convince us that their products are 100% healthy. natural without enhancers and chemistry (are you actually checking every single label?). But rather than overpay in supermarkets try to do the same yogurt. Why? Because it's a simple , quick (specially when using Von Shef yoghurt maker), and you are sure that yogurt made by you is 100% organic!

Before Christmas I was approached by Gabrielle from Domu, online shop with many amazing kitchen and home products. I was really keen on trying Von Shef yoghurt maker. Since I do my own plant milk, why not to try make my own yogurts (yummmmm).

And..... I totally love it! No more shop bought yoghurt for me.
This little machine is super easy to use and is very affordable.

Almost forgot to mention, that on top of selling supper handy kitchen stuff Domu created Health Kick Hub with plenty of healthy recipes, tips and articles.

Ok so a little about my new Von Shef yoghurt maker.

This yoghurt maker isn't to big and fits perfectly in my super small kitchen. 
At once you can make 1.5liters of home made yoghurt, and that I am sure will last you for a very long time. My first time was in the fridge for 5 days and was still yummy.

It took me a while to perfect the recipe but... now it's much better than for the first time.

So here is the recipe

1.5l of milk of your choice
bacteria cultures ( use as advised on the package) 
or use 5 tbsp of organic natural yoghurt with bacteria cultures

1. Keep milk in room temperature.
2. Add the bacteria cultures, mix well, and pour into 7 little containers. 
2a.When using organic yoghurt. Add 5 tbsp to warm milk, mix well and repeat step 3 and 4.
3. Set temperature on the yoghurt maker between 45-50C and timer 8h-10h.
4. Press start and wait patiently for the delicious yoghurt.

Enjoy it with your favourite toppings.

I hope that you will enjoy this yoghurt maker as much as me.

PS. Remember to visit Health Kick Hub for healthy recipes.

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