Chocolate protein truffles

My husband have the sweetest tooth ever and he also enjoy his daily 5km run.
So I decided to create perfect after workout ( and not only) sweet bite.

This takes only 5 minutes to make!!! 

From the indigents below I made 14 large truffles.

1 cup of dates ( soaked in warm water for 2 min)
1 cup of nuts ( I used pecans and pistachios)
1 sachet of purition macadamia and vanilla 
2 tbsp of coconut jam 
2 tbsp cacao powder (+ some for dusting)
pinch of himalayan salt


Mix all ingredients in food processor or blender, until everything is well combined. 
Roll small or large truffles and dust each one in cacao powder.

Vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free perfect snack after workout or instead of shop bought protein bars. 

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