Super thick vegan hot chocolate

Wrapping my hands around cup of a creamy hot chocolate is the perfect end of long Christmas weekend. Not that I am happy that its over but.... sitting home alone when my hubby is alone, this is what I needed.

Everyone knows the basic recipe for hot chocolate, but if you are looking for a change read below.

Apart from making hot chocolate tonight, I also had some time planning little changes for 2016 and the most important, being grateful for this year. 

This year was quick but so many fantastic things has happened to me, I married love of my life, I meet fantastic people and qualified as Health Coach. 
Remember to be grateful for your blessings every day, it seams that I forgot how to do it due to my busy life.
So... make this yummy hot chocolate, sit down and be grateful for all these amazing things in your life.

To make 2 portions of this yumminess you will need:

3 cups of plant milk ( I used almond)
3-4 tbsp raw cacao powder
2 tbsp coconut sugar ( you can use any sweetener or honey)
1 tsp vanilla powder
pinch of salt
2- 21/2 tbsp corn starch


1. Warm up 2 cups of milk, on very low heat.
2. In the remaining milk add cacao powder and corn starch, mix well so there is no lumpy bits.
3. Add both mixtures together, don't bring it to boil, just keep it very warm.
4. Keep mixing for 5-10 min on low heat until chocolate start getting thicker.
5. Enjoy plain or with whipped cream.

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