Nutri Ninja review

Nutri Ninja review, blender, smoothie maker, high speed blender
Today I will be reviewing my new Nutri Ninja blender
Been using it for almost 2 weeks now so, why not to share with you what do I think. 
 I needed a blender that would smoothly blend my fruits and veggies for a little while, as my old and lovely Kenwood doesn't do that.

The Nutri Ninja  900 watt motor comes with:
30 recipe guide
1 x 500ml cup
1 x 650ml cup
Pro extractor blade
2 sip and seal lids 
User manual

What I used Ninja for:
1. Next what I made was pesto and here I have to give 10-10. Everything was nicely combined.
2. SMOOTHIES: made 2 different once
With fresh fruit and veggies- 10-10 It was perfectly smooth with no chunks or grittiness, took only 10-15s. 
With frozen fruits and ice 10-10 It was perfectly smooth with no chunks or grittiness in less than 20s. 
3. Chocolate mousse - I combined banana, avocado, frozen yoghurt, nuts,chocolate nibs, cacao. 9 out of 10 all nicely smooth but took little longer than i expected
4. Oats flour - its great to make flour from oats but again takes a bit longer to grind the oats to powder. 9 out of 10

4.I wanted to try to make nut butter. It does work to blend them very smoothly, but unfortunately is not the best to make butters. In scale 1-10 I give 3 here.

In overall:
1. The plastic used in the cups  is BPA free and the containers and lids are dishwasher safe ( perfect).
2. Great for those on the run, put the lid on and have your breakfast on the go, no need to change the cups, like I use to do.
3. This blender is powerful and does the job with breaking down whole fruits, veggies, ice, seeds and stems for the perfect smoothie.
4. The only down side is the noise level, but it’s not a huge negative. 
5. Great blender for an amazing price,

I would highly recommend Nutri Ninja to everyone who is looking for a small and powerful blender. The extractor blades are made to break down whole fruits, veggies, ice, seeds and stems for the perfect smoothie.

And guys!!!!

If you think of getting one of Nutri Ninjas, please visit Steamer Trading Cookshop and get yours for only £69.95

*** I was not paid by any company for this review is my own opinion!***

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