Nothing But Snack- product review

It's been a while since I meant to post this review.......

Nothing But Snacks

I had the pleasure of trying this wonderful freeze dried vegetable and fruit snack from Nothing But

I love dried fruit, and when Nothing But asked me to try their new products I was really happy to see what they came up with. To be honest, I LOVE every single bite. The taste of the fruits and veggies snack is just amazing, crunchy texture, rich flavour, just yummy.These are literally freeze dried vegetables in a packet with just fewer calories. 

I think that they are great addition to your lunch bag, especially kids lunch bag instead of unhealthy choices in school cafeteria.
The only two down sides about it is the price and that 30min after you open the bag, crisp are not crispy anymore and unfortunately, for me is bit to pricey.

Otherwise, great small treat to kill sweet and savoy cravings.

Beetroot and parsnip

strawberry and banana 

pineapple and grapes

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