Easter chocolate egg party time, chocolate recipe part 2

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This Easter I want to spread the love for home made chocolates.

They are not so difficult to make and it doesn't cost you a fortune to make a batch of yummy chocolates with the toppings you like the most and the love you putting into making them

Today I am sharing with you my colourful chocolates I made for my godson and his sister. My chocolates are on the way to Poland now and kids are so exited to get something hand made with love and made specially for them,

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To make around 30 small chocolates and 4 chocolate slabs:

For dark chocolate 

250 gr cacao butter
60gr cacao powder
50ml coconut nectar 
pinch of salt

For white chocolate:

125gr cacao butter
2 tbs vegan icing sugar
1 tbs maca powder

For colours:
Moringa powder (added to green)
Acai powder ( added to purple)
Food colouring


1. Melt all ingredients for dark chocolate in double boiler ( keep low temperature under 42C so the chocolate remain raw).
2. In separate bowl melt all ingredients for white chocolate.
3. Blend dark chocolate, then white to have even consistence.
4. Divide white chocolate to as many portions as you want ( as many colours you want), add as much food counting ( I also added some upper powders with it), mix and smear/pour over the silicon mould. Let it cool in the fridge for 10min.
5. Pour dark chocolate over the mould and refrigerate for minimum 1h. ( I added pecans to my chocolate slabs)

All photos are taken by my fiancĂ© Michal from Misha Photography 

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