Gluten free banana bread with baobab love

Gluten free banana bread with baobab love

Today is day 2 of my recipes with Aduna and I would like to invite you for a delicious banana bread.

We had so many bananas left after last week fruit shopping at the local farmers market that I decided to make something yummy. 

Its been a while since I made banana bread. 
This time, I would like to present to you my healthier version of my mum's original recipe. This recipe is gluten free and if you want skip the eggs for vegan option. This banana bread taste amazing with peanut butter or almond butter or with raspberry jam.

Hope that you will like it. 

My loaf is much flatter than it should be just because I used bigger baking tin. We like it this way, but if you want your bread to be a bit higher use smaller baking tin, mine is 28cm long (11inch).

Gluten free banana bread with baobab love


100 gr melted coconut oil
4 tbsp coconut sugar ( or nectar, or other sweeteners of your choice) 
3-4 medium ripe bananas
2 large organic eggs  (replace with vegan eggs for vegan option)
3 tbsp Aduna baobab powder 
1/2 tsp vanilla powder (optional)
pinch of cinnamon
250gr plain, gluten free flour 
2-3 tsp gluten free baking powder


1. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees.
2. Grease baking tin with a bit of coconut oil.
3. Mashed bananas with food processor or fork.
4. Melt coconut oil on very low temperature.
5. Separate eggs, whip whites separately.
6. Add eggs to mashed bananas, mix with had mixer or food processor.
7. Add coconut oil, and baobab powder, flour, vanilla, sugar, cinnamon,baking powder, mix until combined.
8. Add egg whites and mix with spatula until combined.
9. Pour into your tin.
10. Bake for 45-60 min until wooden stick comes out clean.

You can add banana on the top like I did but if you wish you can live it without.

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Also, let me know if there's any recipes you'd like to see!

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