Nama Artisan Raw Foods based in Notting Hill, London

Last night I had the pleasure to dine at Nama - Artisan Raw Foods based in Notting Hill, London .

I went to Nama to meet few beautiful and amazing girls taking part in Zico Coconut Water  ambassadors meeting.

Let me talk about the food......

Nama is a raw / vegan restaurant on Talbot Road in Nothing Hill. So far Nama is one of my favourite veggie restaurant in London. The the whole place has such a relaxed atmosphere which I really loved, Nama is very small buy very cosy place.
The food was full of flavours and the presentation... just beautiful. 

''Everything on our menu is as fresh as can be, and seasonal, not least because we source all our fruit and veg from the nearby organic farmer’s markets of Notting Hill and Queen’s Park.''

It was very difficult to decide what to eat, but I decided to stat with Kohlrabi Ravioli which was amazing and it looked so stunning.

Kohlrabi Ravioli - Nama

Kohlrabi Ravioli - Nama

Kohlrabi Ravioli - Nama

 I was also sipping on amazing cold pressed juices. The first one that I tried is called ''Green Dream''.
Combination of fennel, cucumber , parsley, lime and ginger was so refreshing, all what I needed after very long day at work.
Green Dream cold pressed juice - Nama

 ''Blood Cleanser''

Blood Cleanser cold pressed juice -Nama 

For main Irene recommended Lasagne Vendure. Layers of crunchy zucchini with very welled spiced tomato sauce, yellow pepper sauce and pesto. Seriously amazing !

Lasagne Vendure vegan raw Nama restaurant

Lasagne Vendure - Nama

Lasagne Vendure - Nama 

Last but not the least, dessert. Beautiful - Chocolate Ganache Tart.
Look at the presentation, this taste absolutely heavenly.

Chocolate Ganache Tart - Nama

Dessert was accompanied by hot chocolate, made with almond milk and chunks of raw chocolate.
hot Chocolate 

My fiancé was very jealous when I showed him pictures form my dining adventures. I will be going back to Nama very soon.

And this is amazing ZICO UK team. More coming very soon.

Picture by ZICO UK

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