Vitamin C booster oatmeal

Last night I wasn't feeling to well. I decided to boost my immune system with some extra Vitamin C powers.
Started my day with beautiful and yummy overnight spiced orange oatmeal with some deliciously juicy orange and frozen raspberries from local farmers market and some yummy Punch Foods supersedes.

Serves 1
 6 tbsp gluten free oats Bobs Red Mill
150ml unsweetened almond Breeze almond milk 
1/2 lime zest 
1/2 tap cinnamon powder 
3/4 tsp vanilla powder 
1/2 tsp organic burst baobab powder *


Simply combine all ingredients together and leave the mixture in the fridge overnight. In the morning you can eat it cold or warm it up for couple of minutes in the saucepan.
Add your favourite add all your favourite toppings, i added some juicy oranges for even more vitaminC.

*(baobab powder is packed in vitaminC. Vitamin C Is great for your skin as it helps forms collagen. Adding vitamin C rich foods such as baobab fruit powder (or fresh baobab fruits if you can get them) to your diet might also enhance your body's fat burning capabilities during a workout especially if your current diet does not contain enough vitamin C. VitaminC is also a natural liver cleanser)

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