Pink smoothie recipe

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Smoothies are the perfect idea for breakfast or snack. We can add our own personality and get creative with choosing what we want to have in our smoothie. Lately I have been making smoothies every day so maybe is time to start sharing all my creations with you guys. 
Smoothies for me are  very convenient and portable ideas to start my busy day. I usually have them as  pre-breakfast snack. I always rush in the morning and never have time to eat before so morning smoothie is keeping me full for couple of hours before I eat my oats.

 I’m really loving my smoothies during the summer time.They’re so  easy to make, full of goodness and so colourful. 

Today started my day with yummy pink smoothie. It's so simple and delicious. Even my fussy boyfriend who use to didn't like any smoothies  is drinking them with me every day.

Serves 2

200gr strawberries ( you can use frozen if you want)
2 bananas ( one was frozen)
100gr of blueberries
1tsp of organic burst baobab powder (baobab fruit has about six times more vitamin C than in an orange, baobab helps detoxifying toxic substances, including metabolic wastes, and excreting them from your body)
400ml unsweetened almond milk - Blue Diamond
1 tbsp of linseed seeds
optional to make it sweeter you can add agave

Ania xxx

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