My addiction to chia seeds!

Hello  my lovelies

chocolate chia seeds mousse for desert with almond milk and raw cacao

Its been a while since my last post.

It has been very busy week, well 2 weeks actually. But few more days and I will have 3 days off.
Today I would like to talk to my addiction to CHIA SEEDS .
I have them in my morning fresca water, with smooties and puddings, oatmeal...... ohhh you can make all sorts of delicious things with chia.

Why Chia is good for us:

chocolate chia smootie

chia orange lemon fresta

chia kiwi fresca

chia pudding

chia lemon and mint fresca

chia coffee mousse

They are very easy to make. Just add water, milk or blended fruit and enjoy amazing texture and flavor.

I hope that you will like my ideas, I will post full recipes in my next post tomorrw.

And today is bed time, 12h shift tomorrow need my beauty sleep.