DS Gluten Free Loaf review

A while ago I decided to eliminate as much gluten food from my diet as possible. I'm doing it just for healthy reasons, I'm suffering from PCOS and eating gluten products made me feel bloated, i was craving a lot of sweets and other carbohydrates foods. Since I quite gluten products like: bread, cakes, pasta, flour my craving for carbohydrate food improved a lot. 
Its been only few weeks but I see difference already.

Few weeks ago I approached DS Gluten Free  asking if it would be possible for me to try samples of their products and also review them. It took me a while to write the review but I finally made it !!! 
Today is only about the  Wholesome White Sliced Loaf and Wholesome Seeded Sliced Loaf  

I have been nicely surprised when I came back home one afternoon and I had a parcel from the Ds Gluten Free.  I had a big smile on my face when I opened the box and I saw this
ds gluten free products seeded loaf  crispbread

Bread is something I love but I eat very rarely.
But with Ds Gluten Free bread I can have my favorite toasted bread back in to my menu.

First bread I tried was the white slice loaf - Wholesome White Slice Loaf  

Maize and Rice Starch, Sour Dough: (25%): (Rice Flour, Water), Water, Rice Syrup, Apple Fibre, Millet Flour (3.5%), Glucose Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Quinoa Flour (2.3%),Soya Protein, Thickener: (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), Yeast, Salt and Honey.

I usually go for seed bread but that day I promise my boyfriend toasted sandwich with cheese and ham and he does prefer a white one. I had mine with rocket salad and sun dried tomatoes and lacto free cheese.

Ds gluten free Wholesome White Sliced Loaf toasted sandwich with lacto free cheese sun dried tomatoes and rocket salad

We  both loved it !!!! Tasted just like a normal bread and it came out perfectly done.  Have to say that I was very impressed Mr M asked me for 3 more toasted sandwiches. It was delicious and almost the whole loaf was gone in one sitting. 

Ds Gluten Free bread  Is very tasty, airy, fluffy,  soft and taste very much like a normal bread, not to dry, perfect for toasted / not toasted sandwiches or plain bread with butter or jam only. There was not that many holes in the slice so I could make sandwich for my Mr M without toasting and still was delicious and the most important wasn't falling apart.

As I said before I don't eat bread that often, so before I tried the Wholesome Seeded Sliced Loaf  it took a while.  THIS IS MY FAUVORITE !!!! 
I'm 100% sure that this is going to be the only bread I will buying it from now on on regular basis.

Maize and Rice Starch, Sour Dough: 22.5% (Rice Flour, Water), Water, Cereals: (10.6%): [Rice Flour, Millet Flour (2.3%), Quinoa Flour (1.6%)], Apple Fibre, Rice Syrup, Sugar Beet Syrup, Sunflower OilSoya Flakes, Sunflower Seeds (1.8%), Linseeds (1.7%), Soya Bran, Millet Flakes (1.2%), Yeast, Soya Protein, Thickeners: (Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose), Honey, Sea Salt.

I'm a huge fan of Eggs Benedict and Royal Eggs and for some time of course I had to say NO to them when I decided to go gluten free. Now I can have them as often as I want.

Toasted Seeded Slice with smoked salmon, rocket salad and Lactofree spreadable. It was divine, toasted slice some spredaple and beautifully smokes salmon and poached egg made my day.
Ds Gluten free Toasted Seeded Slice with smoked salmon, rocket salad and Lactofree spreadable. It was divine, toasted slice some spredaple and beautifully smokes salmon and poached egg made my day.

Ds gluten free Toasted Seeded Slice with smoked salmon poached egg
Ds gluten free Toasted Seeded Slice with smoked salmon.

My second favorite is toasted Seeded Slice with rocket salad and cottage cheese. 

I kept the bread in the zipped bag for 5 days and it was still nice, crumbling a bit more but it was still great when toasted.
I have been eating this bread few days in a raw, this is how much I like it, and below few ideas of how I like to eat it, tasted version and as toasted sandwich is my favorite. 

This loaf also contains no artificial preservatives.
Long shelf life.
Price from £2.50

Where to buy : Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons, The Co- Operative, Ds Gluten Free website, you can also check location of your nearest store

I hope that you will all love it as much as me. Good work Ds Gluten Free, very good work !!!


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