Carluccio's gluten free dinner review

Carluccio's Gluten Free Dinner from gluten free menu

 Like Italian food? Like pasta ?

I do, and to be honest haven’t had any since I decided to go gluten free.  Not because I decided not to have it at all, is because the one I have tried wasn’t good.
Last weekend I decided to visit Carluccios as they are offering gluten free menu and I wanted to try out their pasta.

To be honest I was shocked about how many items is on their Gluten Free Menu, it was a whole A4 page of gluten free varieties.

Carluccio's gluten free menu

For my starter I zupa de fungi served with the toasted gluten free bread on the side.  The soup was amazing, full of flavor and mushrooms. I know it might sounds silly but it happened to me that when I ordered mushroom soup elsewhere it has only few slices of mushroom floating in the soup. Bread served with the soup was yummy, of course I forgot to ask what brand ( or maybe which bakery) they are using but I will go back there to find it out.

Carluccio's gluten free menu Zuppa di Funghi Con Pancetta rich soup of mushrooms and Italian bacon, served with gluten free bread.

I decided that for my main I want to have gluten free pasta couldn’t decided on which one I should chose, I have ask for the advice very friendly waiter who told me to go for the carbonara pasta. I have tried this dish (in gluten version) in many restaurants and to be honest I was never happy, so it was a challenge for my taste buds to try it in gluten free version.

Carluccio's main dish gluten free Pasta CARBONARA with egg and smoky pancetta

I have been cooking carbonara for a very long time and many of my friends as well and my Mr M love my home cooked version. I usually cook my pasta with cream (sometimes adding egg) and Carluccio's pasta was with egg sauce, amazing.

This carbonara was delicious !! Pasta was cooked perfectly ( al dente- the way I like) not to undercook  not to overcooked, just perfect. Smoked pancetta and herbs ( here have to add that it wasn’t overloaded with herbs) added this delicious flavour to light egg sauce. I added some grated parmigiano cheese, it was divine.

Carluccio's main dish gluten free Pasta CARBONARA with egg and smoky pancetta with parmesan cheese

I was full half way as the portion was big, usually I would not complain but the soup filled me up. Unfortunately there was no space in my stomach to try their gluten free deserts, nothing lost planning to visit Carluccios very soon.

Service : Very good, helpful and friendly
Food: yummy, will be back for more J
Price: £  ( under £15 for starter and main)
Portion:  very good portion size, well done


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