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I went to dine with my partner, Mr. M, at tibits recently.  Tibits is a very stylish vegetarian restaurant that originated from Switzerland.

I reached out to tibits about 3 weeks before I went to dine there to ask if I could write a review, and ask some questions about their food.   In response, I received a very kind reply from Mary who advised me when the best day was to come and have a chat with the manager about tibits philosophy.
On our arrival Lidia from their management team welcomed us with a big smile, which was a great icebreaker.  She explained the history of tibits, which is very interesting.  It is nice to know how everything started at tibits.  Lidia also answered some of my questions about where the food is sourced, how it is prepared.
The Buffet Food Boat!

tibits offers food that is healthy and fresh.  I love the buffet where you can pick and choose what you would like to have for dinner.  There are over 40 available hot and cold dishes on the food boat.
The hot dishes are never the same, as they change them daily.  That means you can dine here often and be sure that you will try something new each time. You will find Mediterranean and Indian influenced dishes.  I love how the dishes are prepared, along with being not to spicy, or salty. The menu reflects the seasons.  It was great to find a variety of tropical and seasonal fruit and vegetables.
About the Food:  
At tibits you can find all kinds of different dishes catering to people’s needs: gluten free, vegan, dairy free, and vegetarian dishes.
Importantly, the staff members are constantly replacing, filling up and checking all dishes so the freshness and high quality dishes are there for diners.

Lidia expressed to me how they work very closely with their suppliers so they can trace back every product and make sure it’s as local as possible.
Looking at deep fried foods and how much of this type of food is at a gven restaurant is important to me.  Impressively, only a very few number of their food-dishes are deep-fried.  The majority of their restaurant dishes are boiled, steamed, or served raw.  
One of my favorite things about tibits is that every dish has an information card with abbreviations.  You are able to see what ingredients are in food items you choose!  This caters to people who want to know more about the foods they consume, those with allergies, and those looking for vegan friendly dishes.

My second favourite thing about this restaurant is how you pay for how many grams of food you eat, not per plate, so you can try as many different dishes as you want!
In looking back upon my experience, I must have almost tried every dish!  It was worth it, as I said before, the food is amazing!  


Fresh juices are served at tibits, and they are amazing.  I make fresh juice at home, and I am very fussy about the fruit, and veg combinations.  That being said, the two flavours we tried were amazing.  I had Ginger – Carrot – Apple, and Mr. M sampled the Tutti-Frutti “both juices were recommended to us by the lovely staff member at the counter.”  If you wish to have something stronger you can have an alcoholic drink too.
Lidia was so kind during our visit.  She let us try the tibit juice of the month, which has cucumber, broccoli, spinach, ginger, lime, lemon, apple, and elderflower in it.  We also sampled with the Classic Ice Tea that they also make in-house, which contained white tea, hibiscus, elderberry, maple syrup, and oranges.


Ohhhhh… we had the best Tiramisu ever, and it was alcohol free!  AMAZING.
You can also find some other tasty dishes, but on the side of health, one sampling of desert is enough!

To sum it up!
Overall, the food dishes are very well prepared, and the varieties of spices used to prepare their dishes are great. I usually have to add something to my food when I eat-out, like salt, black pepper or olive oil, but this time I was very satisfied, my partner was happy as well, which is always a relief!
For each plate you receive a complimentary roll. Notably, their gluten free bread comes from Artisan Bakery and has won World Bread Award 2013  and the regular bread is from Frankonia.
 I have to say… tibits is now one of my favorite restaurants!!!
I will definitely be coming back again with my Mr. M, and my friends.
Hope that you will enjoy as well.

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