Gluten Free part 1

I'm trying to find as many gluten, dairy and refined sugar free products available on UK market.
I got in touch with few companies and waiting to hear back from them about their product range. I would love to do review on all products gluten, dairy and refined sugar, unfortunately I'm not a millionaire and I cant buy every single one.

Soon I will be writing post on all products i bought and tried so for, about their prices and shop locations. 
Please let me know if you like the idea and if you would like me to write and check any particular product.

What is gluten !
Gluten can be found wheat, rye, barley and some oats. 
Avoiding this products can be very hard because it means that you have to avoid all wheat- based flours and ingredients, this include :
Some products, liked mixed or in packaged foods may contain gluten, so the best is to always check the product label.
The best way to eat gluten free products is to eat as much as possible unprocessed foods.

Gluten free products: 
   This is not the whole list of available products. If I have some more I will be update this list.

There are many recipes available on gluten free meals, I will also do my best to post some of them here. I have already few available on my Instagram account.