Cleanse day 2

So day 2 has been completed 100%. 
I had to work 13h but I'm proud of myself. 

It's been only 2 days but already I feel massive difference in how my body is responding to fresh raw fruit and vegetables. 
I know for fact that I won't be able to became a vegan, but I love to eat fresh, so maybe instead doing only 60% raw on my daily menu I should do a bit more ....

Worth to try. 

But today, I had a handful of nuts for breakfast and a big glass of my green juice :) 

And this was my lunch. Colourful salad 

Btw. Yesterday I found a picture of myself from 2008/9 

And one today 

Hmmm, what happened to that normal me :(  ?!

Well..... I guess I have to try my best,as I'm doing now. 

Wishing you all good night sleep. 


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