Healthy Dine Out

Hello everyone,

Hope that you are all well and that your week has been great.

A couple weeks ago I met Crystal via twitter, Crystal is a founder of  Healthy Dine Out and she invited me to be the first foodie reviewer of for in London. Healthy Dine Out is a new website specially to review healthy options for all who are looking for great and healthy food and going out with friends.

I'm extremely happy and exited about going out and being focused more on what I eat, finding out about the source of food and proving that going to the restaurants can be a great experience and fun.

Today I got in touch with the first restaurant I would like to visit and review, vegan restaurant so I can try something different than usual. I have to wait for their reply to see if they will be happy to answer some of  my questions.
I'm so exited.... In the mean time did some shopping in WholeFoods London  and again I found some amazing items.

Bob'd Red Mill Gluten Free flour, porridge and not only, this is my collection so far

I'm not sure if you ever had chance to try this amazing coconut CoYo yogurts 
I love them, I'm addicted to them and if I could I could eat only this :). They are healthy alternative to dairy, gluten free, 100% vegan products, the only disadvantage is that the are not very cheap but they are worth the price :)  For the first time i tied their ice creams, AMAZING !!!

And few more things :)

Im off to bed. Please visit Healthy Dine Out website to support this great idea.

Nite nite 

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